Join us in voting for our next Multnomah County Chair, Jessica Vega Pederson!

AFSCME Local 88 members and others are voting for Jessica Vega Pederson for Multnomah County Chair, here’s why…

“Join me in voting for our next Multnomah County Chair Jessica Vega Pederson! After interviewing the candidates for Multnomah County Chair, Local 88 members voted to endorse Commissioner Jessica Vega Pederson. Jessica is the only candidate who will represent the interests of our union members who work at Multnomah County. Jessica will work with union members to do the hard work, in order to ensure that the county workplace culture is one of safety, trust and belonging for everyone.”

-Joslyn Baker, Local 88 President

“As a member and DEI manager of Local 88 I support what Jessica Vega Pederson stands for in regards to collaborative and inclusive work where there are seats on the table for everyone. The work JVP has done to ensure that the roads in my neighborhood are safe also has a huge impact in my family’s life and for that I support JVP for Chair of Multnomah County!”

-Rosa Garcia, Local 88 DEI Manager and Trustee

Other Endorsements

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