Next Up: Market Adjustment Bargaining

Now that we have ratified our agreement, it is time for us to switch gears and move to another important segment: Market Adjustment Bargaining, (Local 88 Contract, Article 14, I, C). Typically, these bargaining sessions take place in odd numbered years. However, part of our economic settlement with the County includes the ability to review an additional 15% of the bargaining unit over the next three years. The goal of this review is to study classifications which we believe are below market and raise the rates through the bargaining process. The first step is that we must identify which classifications we will review.  

The process starts with identification of a list of potential classifications to propose to the County for study. We endeavor to give priority consideration to classifications that have not been studied within the last five years, however, we also consider other criteria including recruitment and retention issues. Ultimately, we have to reach a joint agreement with the County on the list of classifications that will be reviewed and researched before we start the bargaining process.  

If you believe that your job classification is not being paid the market rate or you don’t believe it has been studied within the last five years, please fill out this form. If your classification is not selected in this cycle, please keep in mind that we will bargain again with the County for market rate adjustments in 2024 and 2025.


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