Local 88 Members Vote to Ratify New Contract!

Our new 3-year contract was ratified by our members. This document contains important language improvements and increased compensation. We will fight for and win more benefits for union members beginning in the new year. The county board of commissioners will vote to ratify the contract 12/1/22. Once it is fully ratified, we will move into the implementation of the contract.

  • There were 1,611 ballots submitted–that’s 56% of all union members.
  • 1459 (91%) voted to approve the tentative agreement.
  • 152 (9%) voted to reject the tentative agreement.

Details that people often ask about:

  • The $2500 bonus will show up in our 12/31/22 pay as a one-time bonus and is subject to taxes.
  • The retroactive 5% COLA will be added to our pay in 2023. We will share more precise dates once the County makes them available.

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