2022 Year End Report

2022 was a very eventful year for everyone associated with AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) Local 88. There are approximately 30 union members in formal leadership roles and together with the hundreds of other members we are a strong and powerful union. Local 88 is a force to be reckoned with. 

Local 88 Members Step Up!

  • For those of you who voluntarily step forward to support the County’s response to emergencies and disasters – THANK YOU! Read this overview to learn more about how to code your time in workday. Thanks to Alice Busch for creating this resource.

  • In 2022 we swore in 26 new stewards -bringing our total to 138 stewards. Learn more about how to become a steward and join this amazing team. These leaders are our front line for holding the county and managers accountable.  

  • Thanks to the member leaders who made the time to attend these important union events.  

    1. Labor Notes 2022

    2. Pride at Work

    3. AFSCME biennial international convention

    4. LERC (Labor Education & Resource Center) summer school

    5. The Oregon AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations) convention

    6. Financial Standards Training

  • Look on our website for even more leadership opportunities. in 2023

  • Successfully ratified the following union contracts

    1. Multnomah County General Unit – Local 88

    2. TPI (Transition Projects Inc) – Local 88-3

    3. CCC (Central City Concerns) – Local 88-1

    4. Multnomah County Physicians Unit – Local 88-2

    5. Multnomah County Pharmacists Unit – bargaining their 1st contract!

  • LCSA (Labor’s Service Community Agency) responded to 32 requests for assistance from our union members in 2022. Additionally 15 families were referred to the 2022 Presents from Partners holiday program.  

  • Class action settlement – Thanks to the work of AFSCME staff and county employees a class action lawsuit was filed to address the many concerns caused by workday. This case was resolved in favor of all represented employees and in late November 2022 each person received a check in the mail for a minimum of $200. If you have not received this settlement check and believe you are entitled to please contact the Claim Administrator at www.MultnomahCountySettlement.com or by calling 1-877-604-5776.  

Goals for 2023

  • Maintain Membership and increase New Employee Sign Up. On your first day of employment with Multnomah County you are automatically represented by our union. Becoming a member is a separate and important step. You may have signed a physical union card (for example given to you by a union steward) or you sign up online now. The benefits of union membership are numerous.

  • Enforce the implementation of our newly ratified collective bargaining agreement (CBA also referred to as our union contract).

  • Successfully complete the first year (of a three year cycle) of market adjustment bargaining.

Contract Enhancement Priorities

  • Develop a plan to add trauma leave to our leave banks.

  • Collaborate to improve the complaint process including CIU (complaint investigation unit) and HR ( on the departmental and central level).

  • Employees have a workplace safety system that provides prevention, accountability and restoration.

  • Career and skill development – how do we make transferring and promotion easier for members seeking career development at Multnomah County?

Equity & Inclusion

  • Equity training for Union officers, executive board members, and general membership

  • DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) focused polling during union meetings to learn about things that impact member’s attendance and participation in these meetings.

  • Increase BIPOC engagement – reflective of our membership. Reflect on issues related to the sense of welcome and belonging and how to do better.  

  • Local 88 will partner with our members to take a leadership role regarding the implementation of Multnomah County’s WESP (workplace equity strategic plan 2.0 out).

  • Create a connection between Employee Resource Groups and diverse union membership to better meet the concerns/needs of those groups (Black, indigenous, marginalized community lens)

  • Revamp Black Caucus

  • Develop Equity Committee and create plan for June-December DEI deliverables.

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