Local 88 Stands with Railway Workers

Congress has passed a law, and President Biden has signed it, which will impose a contract on the railway unions and prohibit them from striking. This would be unacceptable under any circumstances, but it is especially egregious, as we approach the fourth year of a deadly pandemic, that the proposed contract offers these essential workers no sick time. Some articles offering more detail on the situation appear below.
If these workers move to strike, legally or not, we will be reaching out to their unions to find ways to help. We will post updates and action alerts on this website. If you want to help organize solidarity actions, please contact Member Action Team coordinator Kristian Williams at kwilliams@afscmelocal88.org.
This is a real “Which side are you on?” moment, and our answer has to be perfectly clear. Our loyalties are not with the law or any political party, but with the workers.
Solidarity forever.

Further information:

The Washington Post ran a short article explaining what is at issue:
Jacobin considers what the rail workers’ struggle means for the rest of us:
NPR got the reactions of some of the affected workers:
New York magazine explains why the railroads don’t want to give workers sick time:

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