Meeting FAQ: How do I…?

Request to add an agenda item for a meeting

There are three ways to add an agenda item or motion during Eboard and General Membership Meetings. The cabinet officers do their best to plan these monthly meetings, but please know there is not a guarantee your item will be added to the agenda. 

Before the meeting

Submit your agenda items by 8am the Friday before the meeting (E-board or General membership meeting). This is the best way to ensure your item will be added to the agenda.

  • Use the Agenda Form to add agenda items for Executive Board and General Membership meetings that do not require a motion.
  • Use the Motion Form to submit motions at the general membership meeting and the executive board meeting. Motions are a request brought forward by members in good standing that they would like for the local union to consider, adopt, or implement.

At the beginning of the meeting

At the beginning of Eboard and General membership meetings the chair will ask if there are new agenda items to be added. You may ask to add an item and if time allows your item may be added.

After the meeting has started

If  you wish to add an agenda item once the meeting has started, raise your hand. When you have been acknowledged by the chair, ask to add your agenda item. Provide the topic and amount of time you would like for this new item.

Request to start a workgroup

If you have an issue that you would like to have worked on beyond a discussion at a union meeting, please make the suggestion during your agenda item to start a workgroup. To avoid your issue being stalled because of capacity issues, be prepared to lead or join this workgroup and to recruit others to work with you on this issue.

Address concerns about accountability

If you have concerns about accountability of union members in leadership roles or AFSCME staff please consult our Local 88 Constitution and Local 88 Policies for steps you may take. In certain cases this may include requesting to have your item added to a meeting agenda. You may also complete the L88 Complaint Form and the cabinet will review and respond.

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