President’s Report – January 2023

In case you missed it

In case you missed it – President’s Report Year End 2022

January Accomplishments

11 New Union Stewards were sworn in

  • Vienna Roberts 
  • Jeff Hagen 
  • Scott Tienken 
  • Shelley Ashford 
  • John Cabrera 
  • Ben Kopsa TPI
  • Joe Sledzieski 
  • Beth Melville 
  • Odalys Diaz DCJ 
  • Michael McClary  (he/him)

2 New Union Co-Lead Stewards were sworn in 

  • Christina Cantu (co-lead Library) 
  • Angie Robinett (co-lead DCJ) 

View the complete steward list.

Executive Board - New Leaders 

  • Silvia Gomez (DCJ – Public Safety) 
  • Tim Ledwith (Transition Projects Inc- TPI)

Local 88 & Oregon AFSCME Meetings

Check out our calendar of events for meetings and other opportunities to get involved.

  • Local 88 Cabinet Meeting 1/10/23
  • Local 88  Executive Board Meeting 1/4/23 
  • Local 88  General Membership Meetings 1/18/23
  • Budget meeting 1/16/2023.  Please email if interested in future meetings
  • AFSCME Staff Weekly Meetings – group and individual 
  • Oregon AFSCME Executive Board – 1/21/23
  • Oregon AFSCME Executive Committee – 1/21/23
  • Oregon AFSCME Presidents and Board Briefing – 1/21/23
  • Oregon AFSCME Political Action Committee (PAC) 1/20/23
  • Oregon AFSCME Building Comm – Portland  AFSCME building sold and looking for a new location is the top priority.


County Elected Officials Meetings

  • Attended the 1/3/23 swearing in of Multnomah County Chair Jessica Vega Pederson 
  • Chair Jessica Vega Pederson and Serena Cruz (COO) 1/24/23
  • Joy Fowler (ODE Director) 
  • Auditor Jennifer McGuirk 1/27/23
  • Commissioner Lori Stegmann 1/27/23
  • Comminionser Sharon Meieran – 1/24/23 unfair labor practice (ULP) hearing postponed after we submitted a settlement offer to the county.  

AFSCME Local 88 PAC process – develop plan for candidate endorsement for Multnomah County Commissioner (District 3) – Maya Noble (Vice President) is our PAC chair.  If you are interested in joining the PAC  email her at 


New email – we have received lots of feedback that the email is confusing, some folks thought cabi was a person.  This email group is made up of our local 88 cabinet officers and AFSCME council representatives.  To try and be clearer we have changed the email address to  – please note this change when you seek to contact us in the future.  Both email addresses are currently functioning and we will let you know when we transition to the new email completely. 

Ongoing communication efforts

  • Communications Committee meeting 1/9/23
  • NW Labor Press
  • Website Updates
  • Social Media – twitter and facebook 
  • Membership Emails (as needed)

Steward Support

  • Departmental Steward Meetings
  • Departmental Labor Management Meetings 
  • Lead Steward Meeting – Monthly
  • Email to receive auto zoom invites for Local 88 Eboard and General membership meetings.

Member Engagement

  • AFSCME Local 88 monthly new employee orientation (NEO) begins February 2023  Online sessions are offered to all employees represented by our union and you may attend on county paid time.  You may sign up at 
  • Member Action Teams (MAT) – Report submitted – questions and comments welcome – Email Kristian Williams at 
  • Contract Ratification Party Planning Begins – Save the date 4/21/23 5-10pm at the Hyatt at the Convention Center – more details to come 
  • Unity Break at DCHS – Five Oak – to schedule a unity break for your work team please email us.  
  • 1:1 Conversations with members and stakeholders


  • General Unit – Bargaining sessions held October 6 & 20 and Subcommittees: Addendum D and part time employees  
  • Physicians – Sessions held October 13
  • Pharmacists -completed planning process & will start bargaining in Nov.  
  • Ratification Sessions – 18 events (in person & online) events Oct 25 – Nov 6.

Advocacy Projects

  • Worker Safety – Begun collaborative meeting  Security committee 1/10/23  – The ground rules and presentation for our discussion about how we want to show up at this labor management table. 
  • Responding to workplace trauma – Executive Board to review project charter  pages 1- 4 of the project outline for discussion.  
  • Microaggression Team – working with union members on individual cases 
  • Partner with Complaints Investigation Unit (CIU) Andrea Damewood – Director (1/17/23) , Drew Bibee (planning 1/9/23) attended In-Person: Supporting through conflict: a CIU collaboration training Jan 10 & 18

Priorities for February 2023

  •  OR AFSCME Convention 2023 – Salem April 28-30 –  We have 9 delegate spots available and all expenses are paid by our union.  Delegate Nominations accepted at 2/22/23 general membership meeting. 
  • Bargaining
    • Pharmacists Local 88-4 (continuing) Jan 11 and Jan 25 
    • Juvenile Custody Support Specialist Local 88-6  (planning)
    • Market Rate Adjustment Bargaining Local 88 (planning)
  • AFSCME Strong 2023 – Organizing Member to Member – AFSCME Strong makes organizing job one. In the next year, 5 percent of AFSCME members will receive in-depth training on how to reach and connect with coworkers. These AFSCME Strong member activists will be the engine that drives our effort to engage 80 percent of our members, one conversation at a time. Local 88 will not be knocking on people’s doors this year and so it is extra important to step up.  

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