Congrats, Convention Delegates!

Thanks to the following union members for stepping up to represent our union at the 2023 OR AFSCME convention. Also thanks to the 611 union members who made time to participate in this election. The convention delegates and alternates are listed in order of the number of votes they received. 


  1. Percy Winters, Jr – Health Department

  2. Manuel Arellano – Library 

  3. Rosa Garcia – Joint Office of Homeless Services (JOHS) 

  4. Megan Gallagher – Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) 

  5. Shelley Ashford – Library

  6. Hilary Zust – Department of County Human Services

  7. Charlotte Garner – Central City Concerns

  8. Grant Swanson  – Library

  9. Kyle Eilenfeldt   – Library


  1. Joe Clement  – Library

  2. Angie Robinett  – Department of Community Justice  Human Services

  3. Johnny Giddings – Department of County Human Services

Delegates and alternates: Congratulations! Please check your email for further information.

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