Promoting Equity and Workplace Safety: New Conflict Resolution Program

AFSCME Local 88 and the Multnomah County Complaints Investigation Unit (CIU) have collaborated to create a conflict resolution program that will be a new resource for union represented staff at Multnomah County who have experienced a workplace incident related to one or more of their protected class identities. Through an application process we have identified a group of 15 people (union stewards and council representatives) who are interested in conflict resolution, creative problem solving, and bringing an equity lens to the complaint and conflict process. This group will start by attending  a series of training sessions, hosted by CIU staff. They will  use their knowledge and work together to identify next steps for developing this exciting and much needed new resource. Time spent by union members involved in this project will be covered and paid for by the County. Contact Joslyn Baker with any questions or comments. 

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