Welcome Your New Officers!

Jackie Tate – President

My name is Jackie Tate and I am your newly elected union President.  As a Black woman with multi-racial heritage, I have a commitment to fairness, equity and justice for ALL of our members.  In my 28 years at the County and as a proud member of AFSCME local 88, I have served on our union executive board for over 20 years, been a steward/ DCHS lead steward for 10 years, served on various committees and helped with bargaining.

I come from a union family and like many of you, I was raised with a commitment to public service, worker solidarity and a focus on both racial and social justice and the belief that we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us and it is our responsibility to make a more just and equitable world for ALL of us. 

As the President of our union, I am committed to member engagement, communication, mentorship and transparency and I will fight for you and center your needs, experiences and well being in everything I do.  I am excited to meet you and look forward to more activities and events where we can increase our solidarity and have FUN!

Grant Swanson – Vice President

I bring 17 years of AFSCME union experience to the role of VP. I am or have been Local 88 VP, Local E-Board (14+ years), Council 75 E-Board (8 years), Council 75 County Sector VP (2 Years), co-founded AFSCME Next Wave and Environmental Caucus. 

In the broader union movement, I was a Co-Chair of Portland Jobs with Justice for 5 years participating in other union’s organizing and stood in solidarity with these workers at rallies, pickets, and strike lines. I received the University of Oregon’s LERC Summer School’s U-Lead certificate, and even taught a class there with my cohort titled “Labor’s Stake in the Climate Change Debate”. I have written, brought, and passed many resolutions to AFSCME and AFL-CIO conventions.

I have been the treasurer of the self-managed shelter, Right 2 Dream Too, for over 10 years. We provide safe sleep to adults, and we advocate for unhoused people’s right to engage in survival behaviors here locally and support the Homeless Bill of Rights at the Oregon state legislature.

I look forward to seeing our local thrive, and I will engage other members to help us do better for our members. Let me know if you want to help.

Cindy Sierra – Treasurer

I’m Cindy Sierra and I am your new Treasurer. I bring a unique combination of over 15 years of procurement and financial expertise, a fresh perspective (2 years at the County), and a dedication to the well-being of our union. I am determined to be a fair and impartial information resource for all and I am dedicated to fiscal transparency.

As a Queer Puerto Rican I believe that every individual, regardless of their racial or ethnic background, deserves equal opportunities, rights, and treatment in all aspects of life. Promoting racial equity requires a collaborative effort; and I am committed to staying informed about current issues, and continuously improving our efforts to promote equity. 

As Treasurer, I will continually educate myself about racial disparities and biases to better understand how they may manifest within our union’s financial practices to ensure financial practices are fair, inclusive, and legal. I will advocate for inclusive financial decision-making processes, where the voices of marginalized communities are heard and all members have an opportunity to have input on financial matters. My goal is to be accessible to members, involve them in the decision-making process, and hold myself accountable to advocate for their concerns.

Hilary Zust – Secretary

I’m Hilary Zust and I am the new Local 88 Secretary. As an active union member, and dedicated union activist, my experience includes E-board, steward, and two cycle contract bargaining delegate. I’ve advocated for better wages in market adjustment studies; increased worker safety, and am a strong advocate that all workers deserve a living wage.

In my role with our union, I have seen the impacts that policy rooted in white supremacy culture has on our members; and I know we deserve better. I am fully committed to leveraging our members’ experiences, and continuing to push for accountability, when it comes to diversity and equity needs at County, TPI and CCC. 

As your secretary, I am committed to increasing member engagement, member trust, and highlighting the importance of solidarity with our union siblings. I will advocate for increased worker safety, better mental health resources, and a fair and equitable contract for all members. And, I am dedicated to transparency, communication and asking members what they need. I’m excited to support future union leaders through mentorship and  opportunities for growth. Members are the true heart of our union; and I am committed to making this the core of everything we do. 

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