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Last week we reached an agreement with the County on the list of job classifications that our Union and management will be studying this spring for potential salary range adjustments. The purpose of these negotiations are to determine if the salary ranges for the studied job classifications are below the market rate. This is determined by comparison with similar jobs in other public sector jurisdictions.

Learn more about market adjustment bargaining & how you can participate

Are you interested in learning more about advocating for a salary range increase for yourself and your colleagues?

We’re holding two identical Zoom training sessions on different dates & times to accommodate work & life schedules. You’re invited to attend these trainings on: 

These training sessions are an opportunity for members to learn more about the market adjustment bargaining process and explore how they can participate and advocate for a market adjustment salary range increase for their job classification.

Please register for at least one of these training sessions by March 11th 12:00 pm.

Which classifications will be studied?

Job Profile/ ClassificationFTECurrent Salary Range
Pre-Commitment Investigator1330
Case Management Assistant2912
Case Manager 18216
Case Manager 225321
Case Manager Senior6824
Corrections Technician6018
Dental Hygienist1734
District Attorney Investigator1330
IT Architect044
Nutrition Assistant2014
Survey Specialist133
Juvenile Counseling Assistant022
Juvenile Counselor2427

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