Complaints Investigation Unit Evaluation

The Evaluation and Research Unit (ERU) in the Department of County Management are doing an evaluation to assess the Complaints Investigation Unit (CIU) process, including whether the CIU is meeting implementation goals and to provide recommendations around improving the CIU process. 

If you have experiences or feedback to share about the Complaints Investigation Unit (CIU) process, ERU would love to hear from you!

How to participate

How your feedback will be used

The ERU will take measures to protect the confidentiality of the information that you share in interviews and the anonymous questionnaire. This means that the ERU will not share your name, identifying information, or your individual responses with any County staff outside the ERU, including your supervisor/manager, human resources, or County leadership. The anonymous questionnaire does not collect identifying information and responses will not be shared outside of the ERU. Although the survey asks for demographic information, it is only to understand the representation of survey respondents. It will not be used to identify survey respondents nor will individual responses be shared alongside these demographic variables.

The ERU will produce a report that will include a summary of results and recommendation–the report will be available to all County employees on the ERU Commons page. We anticipate that the report will be completed by Fall 2024.

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