TPI Reaches Tentative Agreement (TA)! UPDATE 11/3/22: Contract Ratified!

UPDATED 11/3/2022: Congrats on your contract ratification, TPI Workers United!

AFSCME Local 88-3 TPI Workers United voted to ratify a new contract! Read about it in Northwest Labor Press.

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When we fight, we win!

We stood together, and were ready to take action – and we now have a great tentative agreement that will make TPI a better place to work and receive services! Join our elected bargaining team and vote “YES!” to make this agreement official in upcoming ratification meetings!

Vote "YES" to ratify our new contract at one of these places:

**Voting has ended.**


  • RDNC 11-noon, BCC 3-5, EPO 3-5


  • Clark Center 11-noon
  • Mt. Scott 11-noon
  • Laurelwood 3-5
  • Jean’s Place 3-5


  • Banfield 11-noon
  • Walnut Park 5-6

Virtual meeting on Zoom Thursday 6-7

In person at AFSCME union hall: Thursday 6-7

Contract Highlights

Strong Pay Raises - New Minimum Pay

We made competitive wages a priority and will see significant increases to all job classes that will be retroactive back to July 1, 2022.

Because of our unity, we won a new wage scale that locks in the current $2 covid bump and permanently increases all base rates and moves the base rate for the lowest paid job classes up to $20.25 (up from $17.76 including the COVID $2 bump)!

The new pay rate will guarantee no TPI employee will make less than $20.25 an hour (more than $9,300 annually guaranteed in our now expired contract).

In addition to base rate increases, the new scale guarantees all AFSCME-represented TPI employees will receive anniversary raises of 2%.

At the ratification vote you can see where you are on the new pay scale.

Two Year Contract

The wage rates on July 1, 2023 will increase by 2%. However, TPI will reopen negotiations of cost of living increases if funding above a 6.5% increase is received from Joint Office of Homeless Services.

Commitment to Equity

Transition Projects will investigate all reports of bias discrimination and harassment, and take into strong consideration the equity standards when holding employees accountable. Also added gender expression into list of protected terms, protected culturally specific hair styles into the workplace attire policy, and create prohibitions on microaggressions.

Shift Differentials

  • Swing shift increase from 20¢ per hour to 25¢ per hour.
  • Graveyard increase from 40¢ per hour to 75¢ per hour.

Benefit Improvement

New employees will be eligible for benefits from the first day of the month following the date of hire.

Holiday Usage to Change

Holiday dates have been replaced with up to 24 hours of floating holiday hours per quarter based on employee FTE status. This increases holiday time by an additional 8 hours per year. Individuals who do not utilize some or all of their 24 hours within a quarter will be paid out those hours, and another 24 hours will be loaded into their accruals. This removes banking holidays in the future.

There are 3 specific days per year that will be paid at double pay – the 4th Thursday of November (Thanksgiving), December 25th (Christmas), and January 1st (New Year’s Day). Requesting Holiday time off will be the same process and timeline as Vacation time.

Unpaid Time Off

Removed the requirement for staff to use PTO accrued time instead of unpaid leave. However, if staff do choose to take unpaid time off for these leaves, they will still be required to pay back any amount of their health benefits that the agency covered during their time away, and if the leave lasts more than 40 hours of unpaid time.

Vacation Changes

Change in vacation usage. New employees are no longer restricted from using vacation during their first 6-months of employment. The limitation on requesting vacation more than six months in advance has been removed.

Sick Leave

Increase the accrual rate for all employees by an additional 8 hours per year. The accrual per year is up to 104 hours for full-time FTEs. Removed language around mental health days, and instead incorporated them into sick time in an effort to reaffirm holistic health.

Change in Discipline

An unpaid suspension will no longer be a potential disciplinary action. Transition Projects will not subject employees’ personal property to a search and seizure. Employees will be provided a safe place to keep their personal property.

Safety On the Job

A health and safety training plan and orientation checklist will be created when starting a new position or work at a new location. Training plans should be completed within the first 60 days in the position. TPI will ensure that bargaining unit members have adequate time to complete the trainings.

Health and Safety Training

The Safety Committee can now suggest needed training and will assist with the selection of safety-related contractors and inspectors. TPI will provide “biohazard contamination kits and cleaners and safety masks and puncture-resistant gloves. Each work site will provide a functioning sharps container in a designated employee restroom.

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