President’s Report April 2023

2023 Contract Ratification Member Celebration

Our union fights hard to win, implement and maintain contract language that strengthens our workplace and holds our employer accountable.  Solidarity means we do this together, and includes celebrating our successes together.  Friday, April 23rd over 200 people (union members and friends and family, union leaders, and AFSCME staff) gathered at the  Hyatt Convention Center to dance, reconnect, laugh and cheer.

We chose this Hyatt location for many reasons, but top of this list is that this is one of four union built and union staffed hotels in Oregon.  Union members here are currently in arbitration related to settling their first union contract.  Thanks to the great team of staff at this beautiful hotel who made sure we had everything we needed for a well coordinated event.

The mood this night was festive.  DJ Mike Morris set the tempo just right for our boisterous group.  Drag Queens  Alexis Cambpell Starr and Lucky XOX  showed our union kiddos the true meaning of acceptance and what it looks like to be fabulous.  THeir performance was the highlight of the evening and the feeling of inclusion was palpable.  Thanks to the photography talents of Chase McIntyre, we will soon have oodles of lovely event photos on our website.  A member created a photo booth and created a space for selfies and portraits.  If you signed up for a portrait by Chase,  your picture will be emailed to you shortly.

Thanks to the following volunteers for helping with all the details needed to make this event a memorable one: Angie Robinett, Shelley Ashford, Desiree Wolcott-Cushman, Mecca Scott, Jordan Muehe, Beckly Lillie, Stacey Burton, HIlary Zust, Alice Busch, E Dominquez, Johnny Giddings, Gayle Wilson, Manuel Arrellano and Justin Epperly.

In an evaluation of the event, members expressed appreciation for the opportunity to gather in person after such a long time spent conducting most of our union business online.  Members loved this event and wanted more events like it.  Suggestions for  smaller events in the future, such as trivia night and union book clubs showed up in the evaluation..  Please note that all of our events, large and small, happen because of the creativity, time and talents of members like you. We work with AFSCME staff to host events that are inclusive and build the strength and solidarity of our union.   If you would like to help plan an event please reach out to me at for details about funding and support available.  Keep your eyes on our for resources, events and more. 

April Accomplishments

Thanks to the following union members for stepping up to represent our union at the 2023 OR AFSCME Convention


  1. Percy Winters, Jr – Health Dept (elected as Oregon AFSCME 1st Vice President)
  2. Manuel Arellano – Library
  3. Johnny Giddings – Dept of County Human Services (elected as Oregon AFSCME Executive board member)
  4. Megan Gallagher – Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO)
  5. Shelley Ashford – Library
  6. Hilary Zust – Department of County Human Services
  7. Grant Swanson – Library
  8. Kyle Eilenfeldt – Library
  9. Maya Noble – Office of Diversity & Equity (ODE)
  10. Jackie Vitron – Department of County Human Services

Joslyn Baker attended the convention in her role as OR AFSCME Regional District 3 Vice President (RD3VP) and Local 88 president. 4/30/23 marks the end of Joslyn’s 2 year term as RD3VP for Oregon AFSCME.

Local 88 Oregon AFSCME Convention Delegates 2023

Local 88 & Oregon AFSCME Meetings

Check out our calendar of events.

  • Local 88 Cabinet Meeting 4/26/23
  • Local 88  Executive Board Meeting
  • Local 88  General Membership Meetings 
  • AFSCME Staff Weekly Meetings – group and individual 
  • Oregon AFSCME Presidents and Board Briefing – 4/4/23
  • Oregon AFSCME Building Comm – Portland  AFSCME building sold and we are narrowing down our selection for a new location. Council 75 will vacate the current building 6/15/23.  Discussions are taking place regarding an opportunity of mutual interest for local 88 to loan funds to Council 75 to aid in the purchase of a new building. 


County Elected Officials Meetings

 Chair Jessica Vega Pederson and Serena Cruz (COO) 4/25/23 – Union members joined to focus on proceed cuts of the health department central lab and supporting successful completion of the Pharmacists in bargaining their first union contract.  

AFSCME Local 88 PAC (Political Action Committee) Process


Ongoing communication efforts 

  • NW Labor Press
  • Website Updates
  • Social Media – twitter and facebook 
  • Membership Emails (as needed)

Steward Support

  • Departmental Steward Meetings
  • Departmental Labor Management Meetings 
  • Lead Steward Meeting – Monthly
  • Visit to register to attend our online Local 88 Eboard and General Membership meetings 

Member Engagement


In 2022 our bargaining team ratified a new union contract in the General unit (AFSCME Local 88) – Check out our brand new AFSCME Local 88 General Unit contract. Contracts were also ratified in 2022  by our following AFSCME Local 88 sublocals: 

  • Physicians Unit (Local 88-2)
  • Central City Concern (Local 88-1)
  • Transition Project Inc (Local 88-3). 

Before we had a chance to rest, we are back at the bargaining table for the following AFSCME units in 2023: 

  • Dentist (Local 88-5)
  • Pharmacist – first contract (Local 88-4)
  • Juvenile Custody Services Specialist (Local 88-6)
  • Market Rate Adjustment Study (year 1 of 3 consecutive years)  

Advocacy Projects

Meet with Complaints Investigation Unit (CIU) Director – Andrea Damewood – 4/25/23

Solidarity Resources

  • Eviction Representation for All Tenants – Renter’s Rights are on the Ballot in Multnomah County this May, and ERA is busy spreading the word! If you have received this email, please help us out by forwarding it to your staff and networks. 

  • Canvassing – Does your organization have experience with canvassing, or is interested in learning more? Then look no further. Attached you will find all of the information your organization needs to start knocking on doors for ERA and get out the vote in your neighborhoods.

    If you don’t want to plan your own, we have a canvass scheduled every Saturday and Sunday until the election on May 16th, at parks all over Multnomah County! Rain or shine, dress for the weather. Coffee and food will be provided. Plan for 2 1/2 hours which includes training and then doorknocking. All of our events are on the calendar page of our website. Sign up here!

    Social Media Check out our social media posts and graphics for this week.

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  • Save the Date: 2023 Oregon Labor Organizing Summit – We’re excited to announce that the 2023 Oregon Labor Organizing Summit will be held on Wednesday, May 24 at IBEW Local 48 in Portland!   Click here to register for this event

  • SAVE THE DATE – Portland Troublemakers School – Sat. May 6, 9am-4pm – McDaniel High School, 2735 NE 82nd Ave.  Modeled after national Labor Notes conferences, this event features face-to-face meetings where union activists share tactics and swap notes, the heart of the learning that takes place at the Troublemakers School. Workshops will discuss creative organizing strategies, winning contract campaigns, organizing new workers, and many practical skills like developing leaders and using social media.  For more information, email REGISTER

  • The next BIG Labor Notes Conference starts a year from today!  April 19-21, 2024 * Rosemont Illinois * Learn More

  • The 58th Biennial Convention of the Oregon AFL-CIO will be held September 20-23 in beautiful Bend, Oregon at The Riverhouse.  Save the date for this incredible event filled with inspiring guest speakers, engaging workshops, union entertainment, and much more! You’ll receive registration materials in June and will be able to register your union’s delegates at that time.  If you have any questions about convention, give us a call at (503) 232-1195 Click here to sign up as a sponsor for convention

Know Your Contract - Training

As we’re adding the final touches on our newly negotiated contract, we would like to spend some time with the leaders, stewards and members as we get to know the new additions in our CBA. We’re scheduling the following meetings as a space to review, dates and links below. (you only need to attend one session).

Priorities for May 2023

  • Continue bargaining in various sub-locals- and market study (see above)
  • Recruitment for new Local 88 officers and executive board members.  Nominations will be accepted at the September 20th Local 88 General membership Meeting

How can we make our union even better??? 
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