UPDATE: Nominations and Election

Nominations were accepted at the February 21, 2024, General Membership meeting. There were no contested positions. That means that the election process will not be activated. All nominees who were present and accepted their nominations won by acclamation. They were sworn in during the meeting. 

Thank you to our Elections Committee and to those who participated in this process!



President: Jackie Tate

Vice President: Hilary Zust

Treasurer: Cindy Sierra

Secretary: Grant Swanson

Trustee 1


Trustee 3

Jay Hunt

Executive Board Members

**UPDATE February 26, 2024: One nominee for an executive board position from the Health Department was not present when nominations were accepted. They declined the nomination. The list has been updated to reflect one additional open position.

Health Department

  1. Ebony Klinger
  2. Jordana Sardo
  3. Niyia Batugo
  4. Percy Winters Jr.
  5. Open
  6. Open

Public Safety

  1. Lela Clay
  2. Megan Gallagher
  3. Open
  4. Open

Human Services

  1. Kristen Harbert
  2. Michael Graham
  3. Vienna Roberts
  4. Linda Lund

General Government

  1. Becky Lillie
  2. Kyle Thornfeldt
  3. Eon LaJoie
  4. Jaq Kunz
  5. Scotty Sherington
  6. Penelope Morton

Private, Non-profit

  1. Karen Adams, CCC
  2. Charlotte Garner, CCC
  3. Open
  4. Open

Physicians, Pharmacists, and Dentists

No nominations, all positions (3) remain open.

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