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Solidarity Shoutout: Participants in the effort to include shelter workers in our union

Since March 2020, Multnomah County has operated a set of social distancing shelters and isolation hotels in order to serve homeless people during the pandemic. These have often been staffed with temporary workers hired as On-Call Staff Assistants. Though on-call employees have been represented by Local 88 since February 2020, the County treated these shelter […]

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Article 14 XI. Bilingual Pay – flexing our union contract muscle!

Ideally employees bring all their identities to their work at Multnomah County.  Often this means using their bilingual skills (written and verbal) to help support customers access much needed services.  Some employees report feeling exploited because they use their bilingual skills but aren’t properly compensated.  Our union contract includes language for addressing compensation for bilingual […]

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